TAIKYO Prenatal Training Course

The human being is a Special Brain with a Heart. Research on the newborn has made rapid progress; scholars now recognize the following facts about newborns.

(1) Babies have high-level brain function.

(2)Babies are geniuses at communicating.
(3) Babies have superior abilities even before they begin to learn.
(4) Newborn babies already possess conversational abilities.

(5) Babies remember their birth.

The fact that a newborn baby has a prenatal memory, and that he can understand what is going on around him during birth, and can save this information into his memory, are seen as major discoveries of the latter half of the 20th century.

Course Focus

-Foetal Growth Potential
- Communication Bonding Methods
- Dietary Education
- Developing Innate Learning Abilities

Online Course Detail

・For all mother-to-be in between 1 to 7 months pregnancy

・Wednesday - Friday 9am - 10:30am / 4pm - 5:30pm

・$265 (1.5hours × 2sessions including material & manual)

・Free monthly consultation till the date of delivery

✴︎course will be held once the minimum number of participants signed up

​✴︎Please contact us for private course enquiry

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