At AKARUI, we recognize the importance of the right cognitive stimulation for infants for their better overall growth. Adhering to and going beyond ECDA's (Early Childhood Development Agency) guidelines, AKARUI provides first-rate education to our infants. The AKARUI education programme is carefully curated to promote the stimulation of the whole brain. The programme not only builds on mental but also physical growth, providing the infants with dynamic physical activities to strengthen core and motor skills.

Whole Brain Stimulation

With guidance from Mrs Jocelyn Khoo, founder of The Shichida Method Singapore, AKARUI Early Years Learning Centre is pioneering infant-dedicated education in Singapore. Infants at AKARUI receive regular whole brain stimulation to boost infants' abilities to further strengthen their growth and learning potentials. With a variety of activities for specific development stages, infants undergo stimulation to develop the functions and balance the hemispheres of the whole brain.

Parietal Lobe
Occipital Lobe
Frontal Lobe
Temporal Lobe
Brain Stem

Infant Development Framework:

Language Aquisition
Whole Brain Stimulation
Muscle Strengthening
Multi-senses Discovery
Social Development
Motor Skills Development
Phonics Introduction
Self Exploration
Pitch Stimulation (music)


Infants aged 2 months - 18 months

Full Day / Half Day Programme

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