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The AKARUI learning centres consists of multiple crafted facilities to aid the care of the infants and young children in the programme. With maximized areas for play, learning and care, the AKARUI facilities are prepared with everything required and more to cater for the best care of our infants. Design and living standards are kept the same for every AKARUI outlet and promise only the best for our families.

Our AKARUI learning centres are made with only the best quality furnishings and equipment. Our floor infrastructure, which is the foundation of our infants' activity and sleeping areas, is made with a high grade point elastic sports flooring that involves a combined double-foam backing used in flooring for elite sports venues. Our flooring at AKARUI has optimal slip resistant qualities, is free from hazardous substances and solvents, and meets the strict indoor air quality (IAQ) as certified by FloorScore of SCS Global Services in USA.

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Breast Feeding Rooms

Multi-integration Room

Mobile and Non-mobile Learning Room

Child Comfort Room

Napping Room

Washing and Diapering Room

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