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Japanese Baby ONSEN

Onsen For Infants

AKARUI Early Years Learning Centre pioneers a new evolution of infant care by introducing a quality onsen (spring water) bath treatment for infants. With its spring source of Gensen Kakenagashi from Nasu Shiobara, Japan, each onsen bath is made with high quality minerals known for soothing and protecting the skin to provide and preserve the hydration and softness of infants' bodies.

Our AKARUI infant bath premise and ingredients are gently engineered and produced using the finest qualities under strictest control guidelines of the Gensen Kakenagashi Association advised by the association's chairman, Iinuma Kakuju. The spring minerals used in the infant onsen are certified safe by the Nasu Environmental Technology Center in Japan.


At AKARUI, infants are given onsen bath treatment during their washing. Every infant's onsen bath experience is vigilantly conducted by a trained AKARUI teacher with only one infant going through the treatment at a time. The water level is regulated and an additional bed support is provided to ensure safety of our infants. With the infant onsen treatment, our babies are able to protect and prolong the softness and smoothness of their skin.

What is Gensen Kakenagashi?

Gensen Kakenagashi stands for a natural bathing source that does not impair the original ingredients sprung up from its release, filling the bathtub effectively while remaining fresh at all time. Since this is intended to be 100% hot spring, water temperatures are consistently kept in fair range highly suitable for the infants' skin while soaking, in consideration to the maximisation of positive spring quality properties to enhance health and wellness.

Elements of Gensen Kakenagashi

Negative Ions

Natural Minerals

Alkaline Water

The AKARUI infant onsen bath features imported natural minerals from Ootaka No Yu Onsen Resort, a locally renown onsen resort in the Kanto region of Japan. Ootaka No Yu specializes in their mineral baths of the highest quality, naturally extracted from their mountainous land in Nasu Shiobara.

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Elements of the Gensen Kakenagashi mineral bath include a high level of negative ions (no artificial ioniozation), which helps to maintain and protect the health of skin. The negative ions are minuscule in size, allowing easy absorption into the skin to reinforce collagen production, strengthen the function of autonomic nerves and the body's immune system.

The mineral bath also has high and stable natural alkalinity, which stimulates the self-oiling of the skin and promotes the natural balance of the skin's protective barrier. Babies feel entirely comfortable in alkaline baths as the pH is similar to amniotic fluid.

Chairman of Gensen Kakenagashi Association

飯沼 覚寿 氏

Kakuju Iinuma


Born in 1949 in Tochigi Prefecture with a wealth of experience in chemical plant design construction and management, Iinuma began arduous excavations of hot springs in 1988. He currently oversees Ootaku No Yu Onsen Resort which has a 400 year history providing hospitality to locals interested in experiencing their natural spring.

As Chairman of the Gensen Kakenagashi Association, Iinuma has measured sources of hot spring emergence throughout Japan and carefully studies the nature of hot spring water by using ORP Measurement, an index for oxidisation, evaluating water quality and the identification of beneficial mineral properties for regular bath users including young children. Iinuma is also a leader of a hot spring research organization that develops bath mineral micro-organisms stemming from natural formations and is an active chairman to the Gensen Kakenagashi Association dedicated to original hot springs in Japan. Iinuma is an exclusive specialist consultant for the infant onsen in AKARUI Early Years Learning Centre.

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