Educators at AKARUI are carefully selected to deliver the curriculum and provide the best care and support for our infants' development. With a ratio of one teacher to three infants, our babies are catered with devoted care and attention. Our teachers are sensitized to recognise every child's individual caring and learning needs as well as understanding their family's at-home care giving practices to have synergy between the baby's home and infant care environment.

Our educators routinely and customarily communicate with parents to update them on the infants' daily health checks, learning activities, milestones and other observations. A two-way communication with parents is a conscious practice that AKARUI teachers uphold to provide assured support and assistance to our families.

We look for qualified educators with passion and dedication towards child education and care, and the motivation and enthusiasm to bring out the best in our infants for their greatest futures. Our educators undergo continuous training for our infant care education, brain stimulation programme and onsen practice, to ensure the high standard that AKARUI values in our educators and learning centres.

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